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Hi we're Band of Bears.

Also known as BoB ... but not flat earth BoB

We released our first album "Makes you fat" in 2010, our second album "Boom Boom Go" in 2014, and are pleased to announce that our new album "Hyperficial" has just been released, it's available in all digital flavours on our Bandcamp page, even in HD! We have a special offer too; buy our entire discography and get 20% off!

We were born in Wales

But now we're a bit more international after France and Wales swapped citizens (it's a long story).

We're releasing our album on Bandcamp because it means we are in control of our music. Eventually our new album will be available in other stores and if we get enough demand we might even release a physical CD. We Hope you enjoy our music!

Hyperficial. Superficial. Artificial.


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